An electronic indie track spiced with elements from the Nordic and Oriental cultures, from Mongolia and the Baltic Sea.
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New Single


Hey there, fellow music enthusiasts! This is "A Blaring Stereo", and I'm thrilled to share with you my latest musical creation - "CXO". Blending the haunting sounds of Tuvan throat singing and Baltic vocalizations with eerie and hypnotic electronic compositions, this track is a one-of-a-kind musical journey that will leave you feeling inspired and energized.

At the heart of "CXO" is a powerful metaphor - the crystal oscillator. This tiny device vibrates and produces waves, much like the beating of our own hearts. It's a reminder that, despite our differences, we are all part of a larger cosmic ecosystem - one that encompasses both nature and technology. Through this song, I hope to bring you back to that fundamental truth and spark a sense of wonder and curiosity.

As an artist, I believe that music is a passport to new dimensions, a vehicle for exploring the unknown and pushing the boundaries of what we think is possible. "CXO" is a prime example of that - a sonic journey that takes you through radically different cultural heritages, glued together by electronic instruments and a love for film composing.

When I set out to create "CXO", I drew inspiration from some of the greats of music - Enigma, Dead Can Dance, and Mike Oldfield, as well as film composers like John Barry, Bernard Herrmann, Wendy Carlos, and Eduard Artemyev. These visionaries understood that music isn't just about entertainment - it's about tapping into something deeper and more profound. With "CXO", I aimed to blend electronic instruments and cultural influences to create a sound that is both visceral and evocative. Whether you're a fan of film music or electronic world music, I believe that "CXO" offers a unique listening experience that will leave you wanting more.

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